Organizations across the globe are working to restore corals using various scientific techniques and practices, making groundbreaking achievements.

When deciding on a dive destination some years ago, I chose Curaçao where along with 5 others took the Coral Restoration Certification program through PADI at  Ocean Encounters. We were taught an appreciation of the complexity of coral reef habitats and learned ways to help conserve and restore these vital ecosystems. I became hooked on this work.

Over 7,500 Elkhorn and Staghorn coral have been planted in 55 trees across eight nurseries around the island of Curaçao since 2015 thanks to the Curaçao Coral Restoration Foundation, an initiative of Ocean Encounters. Divers can book a three hour guided nursery tour or earn a coral restoration specialty which involves classroom work and three nursery dives over the course of multiple days. Snorkelers can visit the nursery and scope out the coral trees from the surface. 

I will share more about the restoration practices in Curaçao, the Caribbean and across the oceans of the world in subsequent posts, truly important work.

Action: Learn more. Check out: Coral Restoration Curaçao

Luis Curaçao 2020