Continue to avoid the worst offenders like single-use plastic bags, straws, bottles, and utensils by choosing reusable and sustainable alternatives.
Shop in bulk to avoid excess single-use plastic packaging, bring mesh or cloth bags for purchases.
Shop your local farmer’s market for produce and meats that don’t come pre-packaged in plastic.
Plan meals in advance to avoid single-use plastic associated with convenience foods like microwavable meals and fast food.
As the coronavirus pandemic continues, commit to using bar soaps and washable face masks.
If and when you do go out to dine, bring your own reusable containers to bring home leftovers instead of letting them package in plastic.
Use baking soda or bar soap and washable cloths to do your dishes. For extra scrubbing power, opt for a copper scrubber instead of a plastic-based one.
If you already own a Swiffer mop, make the swap to a washable reusable pad.
Give up hair products in plastic bottles and opt for shampoo bars and salves and pomades in metal tins and glass jars or buy refillable bulk bottles and products.
Avoid disposable plastic pens when possible by investing in a refillable fountain pen or reaching for a pencil instead.

Action: Check out the great work 4Ocean does. You might have seen very cool people wearing their beaded bracelets, find out what they’re all about at: 4oceanAnother site that evolved from a simple blog to a comprehensive resource on plastic-free living is      My Plastic Free Life